I am something of a Christmas music connoisseur. I could pretend it has something to do with my degree in music, but in reality, it’s just because I love a good festive tune – especially if you can have a lil singalong or boogie to it!

I love Christmas songs so much I actually have 3 playlists worth of my favourite songs for different moods – because why not?! From the late 20th century classics to the Christmas crooners, I’ve got playlists for both, plus my personal favourite: a Christmas chillout playlist. And today I’m sharing them all with you guys, so you can enjoy a few of my hand selected merry melodies whenever you feel the urge – happy listening!


This is the playlist for everything that makes you feel nostalgic about the Decembers of your childhood. There are songs on here that instantly transport me back to primary school lunches on the last week before the Christmas holidays, when the dinner ladies used to crank up the stereo with a tape full of 20th century Christmas classics and dance around the tables of packed lunches with tinsel scarfs and santa hats. There’s also the song that my sister and I used to perform an elaborate dance routine to in the dining room every year – I’ll let you all guess which one, and it may surprise you…

This is also the playlist with all those songs from adverts that aren’t particularly festive on their own, but you can’t help but associate them with Christmas once you’ve seen them paired with animated animals in a frosty woodland or that little old man that lived on the moon… Madness yes, but the good kind of Christmas madness!


This is the festive playlist you need for intimate December dinners and sleepy Sundays by the fire. Full of crooners from Bing Crosby to Eartha Kitt, I put this playlist on in the background when I want to feel a bit fancy.

If you’re spending a quiet Christmas this year, this is the perfect soundtrack to make you feel festive even without the usual excitement of endless parties to go to and people to see.


This is probably the playlist I put on most often over the holidays, and is full of lots of subtle festive songs and laid back covers – perfect for those December days where you need a break from the jolliness, but you still want to feel a little bit of the holiday spirit.

You’ll often find me working with this playlist in the background throughout December, or quietly singing along to whilst I do the washing up.

Let me know which playlist is your favourite in the comments below – and if I’ve somehow missed out your favourite festive tune!


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