And so, we’ve come to the final Christmas craft post for 2020! Whilst I’ve still got a few more ‘how-to’ style posts up my sleeve to make a few edible treats, and I’ve also got a post planned on making your own foraged wreath, this is the last craft post showing you how to make something festive you can use year after year.

Christmas Eve boxes weren’t really a thing when I was growing up – at least not that I knew of anyway! But the more American sitcom holiday specials I watch – mainly the Modern Family episode where Jay gets antsy about everyone keeping to his festive traditions and having pjs to open and wear on Christmas Eve – the more I’ve come around to the idea. After looking online for ready-made boxes to buy, and mostly finding only boxes designed for children or pricey personalised ones, I thought why not try making something a bit more inexpensive and subtle yourself?

Enter these infinity squiggle design boxes! I’ve seen a few pinterest posts using this pattern idea, so thought it would be perfect and simple to decorate these boxes with. Basically, you begin painting a wavy line pattern, with the aim of decorating all sides of your box and joining your final line back up to where you started. This way, you end up with a pop of colour within a negative background space, which I think works really well and just makes the boxes look festively jazzy. For colours, I’ve gone for my forever faves of minty green and blush pink (you can guess whose is whose out of Felix and me!), but you could go for some sparkly metallics or traditional festive colours – whatever you fancy! And with only 3 things needed, they’re super simple to make.


Plain, unvarnished wooden boxes – I used these

Acrylic paint in the colour of your choice

A wide, flat paintbrush

Optional but recommended: something to cover your surface with


  1. Begin your squiggle by dipping your paintbrush into the paint and simply painting a wavy line onto the side of the box.
  2. Continue on in the same way, keeping your lines the same width as your paint brush, and moving around the sides and top of the box until all are covered with the pattern, and linking the line back up to your start point.
  3. Leave to dry, then fill with all your Christmas Eve treats and pop them under the Christmas tree!
  4. Tip: If you don’t feel confident enough to go straight in with your paintbrush, you can map out your pattern lightly in pencil first. However, this may mean you need 2 or more coats of paint to make sure no lines are visible, especially if you’re using a light colour paint.

Don’t forget to let me know if you decide to give this tutorial a try – I’d love to see photos of all your Christmas box creations! If you’re on Instagram, post your photos using the hashtag ‘#thisgirlismaking’.


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