On the seventh day of giftmas…

Today, it’s time for one of my favourite gift guides… FOR FOODIES! I don’t know about you, but I love a fancy food-related gift. Some posh choccy, a cookbook full of delicious recipes, a mini panettone, maybe a kitchen gadget – I’m all over it. I really think you can’t go wrong with an edible gift – provided you haven’t given peanut brittle to a cousin with a nut allergy or a meat product to a vegan friend! If you happen to know the recipient loves to whip up a cake, a great baking book or a kit to try a new brownie flavour. Or maybe they’re obsessed with coffee, and you can buy them a fancy bean subscription to keep them caffeinated for a few months, or a book on all the best spots in their city for a good cup of joe.

For home cooks of all levels, from the friend who’s finally moved on from pot noodles and beans on toast and is beginning to make their own meals from scratch to the aunty who’s been whipping up seven-course tasting menus for decades and is practically a gourmet chef, and everyone in-between. The religious tea drinker, the slow cooker queen, the cocktail connoisseur, the avid gardener who grows their own everything, the every day bread baker and the person who’s happy to set the table and do the washing up just to avoid the actual cooking bit, there are great edible and drinkable gifts for them all.

I find food and drink-related gifts are so versatile too. A simple food gift can also be a great shout if you don’t know someone that well – like your cousin’s new boyfriend you’re meeting for the first time or a work colleague you’ve picked for secret santa that you don’t know that much about. At the other end of the scale, if you’ve got grandparents you want to spoil or maybe besties who’ve recently moved house, I think a great big festive hamper filled with all their favourites is also a wonderful idea!

So without further ado, here are all my food and drink gift recommendations this year:

Come back tomorrow for the final (and arguably most important!) gift guide this year: shopping small!


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