Kiddos, sprogs, nippers, young’uns. For whatever you call the little ones in your life, today it’s time for a run-down of gift ideas for children of all ages. Now, this guide is firmly from a (hopefully) cool auntie perspective, as I’m not at the point of having my own children yet – which I understand is infinitely less pressure than as an actual parent when it comes to present buying!

I know buying for children can be a bit of a minefield. I personally find younger children and babies quite easy – there’s usually lots of cute baby grow, hats and bootie options for the tiniest babes, wooden block-type toys for toddlers, great book options for kiddos about to start school, and always a cuddly toy for whatever age. Once you start buying for older children (and especially teenagers!), I find it’s probably just good sense to ask them (or their parents) what they’d like. That way, you can avoid buying something that will end up shoved in the back of a cupboard and buy them something they’ll actually use or play with all the time.

I also know the world of children’s gifts is often full of brightly coloured plastic and the latest ‘must-have’ toy, so I’ve tried to keep this guide on a more eco-friendly theme. I happen to think wooden toys look much nicer anyways (although I do understand it’s not always about aesthetics when it comes to pleasing a little one!), and if you’re going to buy clothing items I think natural, breathable fabrics are always the best option anyway.

So, whether you’re splurging on a gift that will inevitably make you the favourite godparent or just want something small for the child of a friend, hopefully I’ve covered all bases below.

See my ideas for wonderful presents for kiddos this year:

Come back tomorrow for the seventh gift guide for this year: for foodies!


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