Who doesn’t love a stocking?! A cute lil stack of mini pressies to tear open first thing Christmas morning is one of my favourite things in the whole world, but stocking gifts can be one of the trickiest things to buy – there’s definitely a knack to not going over budget whilst still finding plenty of gifts that they actually want and will use.

Edible and drinkable items are definitely a stocking’s best friend! Chocolate coins, a lil panettone, miniature bottles of their favourite spirits, a small bag of fudge or sweeties and of course the traditional clementine orange right at the bottom too are all super easy additions to any stocking.

Now I know they get a bad rap as Christmas, but I think a pair of socks in a stocking can actually be pretty great – just go for something a bit fancier like a pair of wool bedsocks (or even cashmere if you’re feeling baller!) rather than a plain, bog-standard multipack. Hair accessories (if the recipient wears them), are also always a stocking winner in my book, like a pretty set of clips or a velvet scrunchie. If you know they love playing games, playing card sets, mini puzzles and small quiz-style games make a great addition to a stocking too.

Small practical gifts can also be a great choice – like for this year, a cute patterned face mask and a mini bottle of hand sanitiser. Mini versions of skincare are a good option too, especially if you know they already love a fancy product that you can’t afford to splurge on in normal size, the mini size will always be handy for their next travel adventure.

I love including a few eco-conscious gifts in a stocking too. A string shopping bag, a natural soap bar, a little pack of garden seeds (bee bombs are so great for this!) or even some metal straws – all a great way to off-set a bit of the overindulgence of the festive season too!

See my ideas for ace stocking fillers this year:

Come back tomorrow for the fourth gift guide for this year: for doggos!


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