I’ve never really been someone who struggled with sleep until recently. Probably a common theme with most of us feeling more stressed, anxious and/or depressed the longer the pandemic goes on, the ability we have to relax and get to sleep easily has understandably taken a dip.

I’ve tried lots of things to remedy it: from Lumie lights with a ‘sundown’ setting and apps playing relaxing soundscapes to herbal sleep aids and pillow sprays, I’ve really tried it all in the past few months. I’ve tried meditating before bed, taken long evening baths, switched off my mobile devices early and spent the evenings reading, and whilst everything I’ve tried has offered some relief from the restlessness and sleeplessness that has settled over me, I’ve always woken up the next morning still feeling mentally exhausted.

I’d never really even heard of Therapy weighted blankets until I saw an ad for them on Instagram. I read a couple of reviews on their website and saw a few influencers had bought them and loved them, so it seemed like a safe bet to give one a try. Between ordering the 7kg weight in the queen size (you order the weight based on your own body weight using an easy chart on their website) with the beige/rose gold cover and receiving the delivery took just over 36 hours, which was impressive and way faster than I expected!

On opening the box, the instructions were super clear and easy to understand; you just lay the cover out flat with the quilted side facing up, zip the weighted inner along two sides and tie the other two in, then just zip the whole cover on and voila! Admittedly, the finished blanket was quite difficult to carry up the stairs, but it’s a weighted blanket, so of course it’s going to be heavy!

Now came the moment of truth: my first night sleeping under the blanket. In the winter, those of you who get chilly at night might find the best plan is to sleep with the weighted blanket on top of your normal duvet to max out the warmth, but as someone who both gets too hot quite quickly and has a fiancé who’s body temperature runs at furnace-like levels, I decided to just use the blanket by itself overnight.

The blanket is double sided, and has a bamboo lyocell fabric on one side designed for warmer months, with a super soft quilted micro-plush fabric on the other for snuggling up in over winter. The only way I can really describe the feeling of being under the blanket is like an all-over-body bear hug, and even that isn’t quite the right description somehow. I found that it takes the tension out of my joints and allows my muscles to fully relax, which is ideal for trying to sleep.

So, the verdict? I don’t think I’ve slept this well in a loooong time! As a naturally sleepy gal (I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue in my late teens and it’s something I still feel the effects of sometimes), waking up and not feeling tired still is something I’ve struggled with. I won’t say that the blanket has completely cured that feeling, but I am finding that I am sleeping more deeply (I haven’t dreamed this much in years!) and waking up feeling more refreshed than I did previously.

I would seriously recommend a weighted blanket if you’re struggling to relax and/or sleep, and although I can only speak about the Therapy brand one I’ve got, I’ve also heard some good things about brands like Eve and Mela, and if you want to know more about weighted blankets, how they work and any health conditions they might also help with, I found this article really helpful. Happy snoozin’!

NB. The products mentioned in the above were purchased by me (not gifted) without a press discount (other than the 25% off currently being offered to all customers on the Therapy website). No affiliate links have been used. All opinions my own.


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