Well, this is probably going to be the weirdest month so far for setting goals, but I figured I still needed something to keep me going whilst social distancing is still a thing (and let’s be honest, it probably still will be for quite a few months to come). March has been a bit of a blue month for me, but I do feel a lot more positive for this month ahead, despite everything!

Here’s what I’ll be up to (at home, obviously!) this month…

01. It’s time for some intense spring cleaning, with a big clear out. With a house move (hopefully!) visible in the not-too-distant future, it seems like an ideal time to really get stuck in and have a big-old clear out, to stop us taking unnecessary crap from one house to the next. I also love any excuse for a big clean, and I’ve really been slacking on the housework front lately, so I really feel it’s time for a good deep cleaning session!

02. Step up my workout routine. I’d been going to the gym since January (something of a record for me!), but even before Coronavirus interrupted everyone’s lives, things had started to become a little more sporadic, with missed sessions due to illness or muscle ache (damn you, BodyPump!). The beginning of a new month seems like a great time to commit to some more at home exercise options, and I’ve already set my eyes on a 30 days challenge from Yoga With Adriene.

03. Dry April. After completing Dry January (and a mostly-Dry March), I noticed that my relationship with alcohol had really changed. As much as I do really love the odd gin ‘n’ juice, I am finding more and more that I really don’t need to drink to have fun (shock, horror!) and that I actually really enjoy waking up on a weekend morning completely hangover free. With the public health situation what it is, I’ve been finding myself more prone to drinking than I would usually be just to pass the time or as a distraction. I’m something of a lightweight, and can often feel myself getting tipsy after even just one drink, and the morning after am prone to headaches and feeling really dehydrated, even after only one or two drinks. So taking another month off alcohol to really think about making more conscious choices about how and why I want to drink seems like a good idea.

04. I’ve already started making more environmentally-friendly choices, but I’d really like to step this up even more this month. I’ve made the swap to reusable face pads, canvas shopping bags, a metal safety razor (rather than disposable plastic options), compostable period pads and am making more conscious wardrobe choices, but I still feel like I could be doing more. I’ve already ordered some more eco-cleaning supplies for my big house clean, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for any more swaps I can make to more sustainable choices as I run out of other things.

05. I started the year pretty well health-wise, but something that hasn’t really improved are my eating habits. Although they’re much better than my Deliveroo-fueled months in London, I’m still struggling to keep any real willpower when it comes to not eating anything I want to. I have a tendency to eat first, think afterwards, and it’s something I’d like to get more of a handle on this month. I’m not saying a big diet or anything hugely drastic, I’d just like to start eating more mindfully and making healthier choices where I can. 2020 has been nicknamed ‘the year of getting our shit together’ by me and Felix, and I think eating better really fits in with that theme!

So lots of goals for the month ahead to keep me busy at home! What’s on the cards for you guys this month?


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