Decorating the house for Christmas is one of my favourite ever activities. It’s something I try and set aside a full day for every year, as I love going through all the decorations and rediscovering festive treasures I’d forgotten I had, and I try my best (read: usually fail miserably…) to wait to purchase any new decorations until I’ve looked at everything I already have.

When it comes to baubles and tree decorations, I favour an eclectic mix. I don’t really have a particular theme or topic for the tree, although moons, stars, suns and planets all make multiple appearances, and of course there have to be a few spotty dogs on there! However, I do try and stick to a colour palette to try and tie everything together. Golds, silvers and white are my go-to colours, and if I can’t find something in the right colours sometimes I do even give making it myself a good go!

With other decorations, I’m not quite as rigid with my colour scheme – although metallics and white are still in the mix, I do try and add in some pastel hues to add a little pop of colour here and there. When it comes to Christmas, I do still try and stick to colours I already like to use in decorating the house anyway, like pastels and natural beige colours, rather than going with other more traditionally ‘festive’ colours. It’s not so much a conscious decision, as I’m usually just naturally drawn to colours that I already use and love, and it means I’m less likely to go off them by the time next year rolls around. Speaking of pastel hues, last year I picked up some amazing pale blush pink and sage green fur stockings from Anthropologie that I still love looking at!

This year I was looking through my decorations and felt inspired to make a little edit of all the decorations that I’m very tempted by for the upcoming holiday season. So without further ado, feel free to have a little browse of my decoration edit – and let me know if anything catches your eye in the comments below!


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