I love May. It’s just such a lovely month, and I don’t really have definitive reason as to why. I guess it’s just a lovely combination of lots of little things – the days are getting longer and warmer, lots of my favourite flowers start to bloom, it’s the month of a couple of birthdays (including a certain spotty doggo!) and it’s just generally feels like the start of a productive cycle for me. Hoping to ride on the wave of that productivity and enthusiasm, here’s what I’ve got planned for the month ahead…

01. Get out and see more

Felix and I both got National Trust memberships last year, and although we try and get out to NT properties fairly regularly, we have got into a little bit of a cycle of just visiting the two places near us for a wander with the pup. In May, I’d really like to try and get to some other places for an explore – especially now the weather seems to be heading towards the warmer and drier end of the spectrum.

Stately homes aside, I’d also like to try and get out to a beach ASAP and try to explore a few more new places in our local area – as well as a sneaky trip to London next week for something very exciting (all will be revealed in good time, frens!) and a camping trip with some pals towards the end of the month. So I basically aim to be roadtrippin’ and picnickin’ my way through May (to be honest, this is what my idea of heaven sounds like!).

02. Get organised – but not too organised

I’m very good at starting the year with the best of intentions re. getting my sh*t together and being the most organised I can be, but I do have a tendency to go a little overboard and over-organise my life down to what I should be doing every hour of every day. This usually means I quite quickly get overwhelmed, fall behind and want to sob/not do anything rather than admit I can’t do it all. So I’ve decided I need to stop over-planning, and focus on the really important things that have to be done, along with a little act of self-care every day too.

Over-organising seems to be a common thing recently – it just seems to be a fact of life that everyone is constantly struggling to spin all those plates without any of them falling over. So rather than struggling with hundreds of plates of various sizes, this month I’m going to try harder to admit when there are just too many plates for me to do alone, and instead focus on spinning the bigger ones really well.

And this is actually a very good segue into my next goal:

03. Be kinder to myself, and not worry about other people

I’m by definition an anxious person. I worry a lot about how I’m perceived by others and whether others really like me, and I’m trying harder to not beat myself up about whether other people think of me in a positive way. It really is impossible to please everyone, and if you keep trying you’ll often lose yourself along the way. I can also be pretty mean to myself about something I think someone else is thinking about me – whether it’s a body issue, my outfit choice or whether they think I’m a nice person, I can be quite good at beating myself up about it – even without them ever actually saying anything about it to me!

So this month I’m trying my best to let it all go – whether it happens to be someone being grumpy towards me, someone not replying to a message or not being invited to something. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?

So there’s my month – hopefully lots of personal growth ahead! What have you guys all got planned for May?


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