I can already feel that my April is going to be super productive! Let me share my plans for the month ahead…

01. Sort out our travel plans for the year ahead.

This is something I’ve been attempting to get a handle on for months, but every time we (me and my boyfriend) get close to booking something, we seem to hesitate and say we’ll come back to it later… which we never do! Last year we were planning a Scotland tour, but funds and timing meant that we ended up spending a long weekend in Cornwall instead – which was lovely, but not exactly the fortnight in the wilds of the Highlands that we had intended. Hopefully that’s something we’ll end up doing this September, this time with the pup in tow.

I’m also thinking of a couple of weekends away camping – we live so close to the Gower, but never seem to get around to spending more time there than a day at the beach. I’ll probably do a longer blog post with some more in depth travel plans soon.

02. Get a handle on our finances.

With student loans, overdrafts and a sneaky credit card still lurking around, I’ve decided this year is the year to pay everything off and start saving for the bigger things. Now I’m 25 (eep, feels so much closer to 30 than 24 did!), it seems like all the expensive stuff is going to come at me rapid-fire, so saving a little nest egg is fast becoming my top priority.

My new Monzo account is something that is really helping with this, and I’m currently managing to save a small amount in a few different pots, as well as contributing a little to paying off things every month too. As someone who loves spending money on the house and little treats, having multiple saving pots on one account is actually really useful – you can also set a goal amount, assign a name and lock pots for a set amount of time so you can’t sneakily spend them. That last one is the key for me!

(This post isn’t affiliated with Monzo in any way, I’ve just loved using it so much. Although if you would like to sign up and recieve a free £5 after you use your card for the first time, follow this link here!)

03. Focus on my career.

This is something I’ve been really timid about, but after a really helpful chat with a friend (hi, Dan!) who is in the industry I hope to get into, I’m trying to be a bit more ballsy in my approach. I’m making a concentrated effort to spend more time each day applying, researching and writing, but there’s always more you can be doing. So, if you’re in the Cardiff/Bristol area and work in PR/Marketing, expect to hear from me soon…

04. Get some more Headspace.

I’m a worrier. I overthink everything. I get anxious about irrational things, and stress about things I don’t have time to make perfect – like the house being constantly perfectly clean, which is completely impossible if you have a dalmatian puppy that sheds hair everywhere and don’t want to spend your whole day hoovering. Switching off from thinking about every detail of my life is something I’m trying to actively make time for everyday, and so far it’s going well.

Finding the Headspace app seems to have been the key to this, along with the free sessions on Yoga with Adrienne, and making a conscious effort to set my alarm a little bit earlier. Once I get up, I make myself a green tea, meditate for 10 minutes whilst it cools and then follow up with a half hour yoga session, and it makes me so much happier for the remainder of the day – I’m struggling to think about how I started my days without this little boost. I know self care isn’t all about meditation and yoga, but for me that’s where it starts every day, and it’s something I want to continue and improve on in April.

So that’s my April in a nutshell – I can’t think about that saying without imagining Austin Powers saying ‘Help! I’m in a nutshell! How did I get into this nutshell? Look at the size of this bloody great big nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this?!’.

ANYWAY… What does the month ahead hold for you guys?


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