I just thought I’d post something short and sweet to celebrate the snow being officially back again for a few days! Love it or hate it, The Beast From the East has definitely hit us hard – and twice in a matter of weeks too.

I don’t mind snow in general, but at this time of year I’m just so ready to be cracking open my spring wardrobe that it’s a little frustrating to be digging out the wellies and woolly hats again. That being said, we get snow so little that I try and remind myself to make the most of it whilst I can, and appreciate just how much prettier everything looks when covered in a layer of the powdery white stuff.

Felix and I decided to head out for a Sunday afternoon walk, which was something we tried to do as often as possible when we had the puppy, but has fallen off our radar a little bit in the 3 months (I can’t believe it’s been that long) since she’s been gone. Life suddenly seems to have started bombarding us with so many things to do – which is great, but can be a little overwhelming at times – so it made a walk in the snow together a little extra special.

Felix picked the route, and we were surprised to discover just how close our new house is to the countryside – and quite a few more beaches than we thought too! So we drove for 10 minutes or so and then walked for about an hour and a half or so, and it was exactly what we needed – even if it was bloody freezing.

How did everyone enjoy the snow? Are you all as ready for spring now as I am?


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