Our house feels like it’s finally coming together; we’ve nearly finished buying furniture, and aside from a little DIY on some vintage finds and maybe a few more prints, cushions and the odd knick-knacks, there isn’t a huge amount more to do (we won’t talk about the garden…*gulp*).

So I thought it was about time I showed you properlyaround my current favourite room in the house: the office! It’s not quite finished yet, but I’m such a perfectionist I’m not sure it ever will be; so I thought I might as well do the tour now. And f you’ve seen any of my Instagram stories or my Moving House, Part 1. post then you’ve already seen a sneaky peak of this room without my desk – so here is the whole room in its glory for y’all!

The Desk

The desk is from West Elm, and I fell in love with it after seeing it on Kate La Vie’s ‘Office Tour’; and I’ve been lusting after it ever since! After many many months of saving, I resigned myself to the fact that it was just too expensive for my budget. BUT, just after we moved into the new place, I thought I’d just look at it one more time before I bought a cheaper one… and found it was 40% off! It was fate: I ordered it immediately and settled myself into waiting a month for it to finally arrive. I couldn’t believe my luck; I mean, it’s still the most expensive piece of furniture we own, but I love it so much and at such a discount it just had to be mine.

We haven’t bought a chair for it yet, so at the moment I’m making do with my dressing table stool or one of our dining chairs; which isn’t ideal, but will have to do for now!

The Desk Accessories

I’ve had this Etsy wall planner for ages, but we’ve only just got around to framing it (I didn’t fancy blue-tacking it to the wall), so we took the glass out of this IKEA frame in white, which works really well as I can keep amending my dates as needed. I also picked up this Urban Outfitters wire wall grid in gold, which can also be attached to the wall – but as we’re in a rental place, it looks equally nice just resting on top of the desk itself. I decided that I wanted quite a busy desk, as I although I love minimal style, I just have too many things! I also find that having a lot going on really stimulates me to work.

On top of the desk I have some stacks of books and a couple of candles (including this large Diptyque ‘Baies’ candle that I saved from my birthday), a little spotted cactus we got on our last ikea trip and a gold paper tray. I also picked up this Paris pen pot from Anthropologie to store all my pens and pencils as well as a hand-shaped one from Flying Tiger for all my highlighters. I’ve also framed 2 cards I’d been saving from the 101 Dalmatians X Cath Kidston collection to pop on the desk too, along with a little pink and gold bowl I found in TK Maxx years ago to store all my paperclips in.

The Daybed

We’ve had our daybed for over a year now and I still think it’s one of the best furniture decisions we ever made. We originally saw it on Wayfair, but after a little eBay searching we found the exact same one, brand new, with free delivery for over £100 less! It’s so perfect for the office: it turns into a double bed for when we have guests and acts as a sofa or a good napping spot when the trundle is folded away. I’m so happy we went with this design, and I think it fits so well in the room. I also think it’s the perfect spot to sit to film a Youtube video (*spoiler alert*, this may or may not be on the cards in the future…).

I’ve wrapped some gold wire fairylights around the frame, which I completely love as it makes the room so cosy to work in the evenings and on gloomy days. On top of the daybed there are millions of cushions (much to Felix’s annoyance!) and a couple of blankets I picked up in Flying Tiger that look so much more expensive than they were. We like to store our yoga mats and other exercise bits and pieces in here as we usually do our workouts in this room, so those also get sneakily stashed down the side of the bed when we’re not using them.

The Rest of the Room

I’ve had this white Billy bookcase from IKEA since my second uni house, and it’s served me pretty well so far. Although it is starting to look a little tired, and it doesn’t quite fill the gap next to the chimney breast, and we can definitely use some more storage in this room… Maybe I’ll keep my eye out for something new in the not too distant future.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to style the fireplace and mantelpiece, and I’m considering a little houseplant to go in the grate, and making the mantel a little busier. The one thing I’m really happy with is the hammered metal moon banner that I’ve hung over it – I picked this up from Urban Outfitters as I’m obsessed with anything moon/star/sun related, and I think it looks really nice against our white walls.

Behind the door I’ve framed a Bear’s Den concert print in yet another IKEA frame – which I think really works and adds a nice pop of colour to the room – and I like that it’s one of the few prints in our house that isn’t pink, gold or monochrome… What can I say? I have a colour scheme people!

On the windowsill I have a couple of frames from TK Maxx, a succulent in a gold pot and another  rather more sad looking houseplant, which I haven’t photographed for this post – he just looks too unhappy! Fingers crossed he pulls through and I can put a picture of him online soon. Both the gold pots for the plants came from H&M home but now seem to be sold out – but they always seem to have new ones in store whenever I pop in ‘just for a look’…

Still to do…

I’ve got my eye on a few more prints for this room, including this ‘Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Kind’ print from Oliver Bonas and this ‘Je T’aime Magique’ print to go with my Holiday Inn print above the daybed (both from Hotel Magique), along with a few more houseplants and cushions – you can never have too many cushions. I also want a couple of baskets to keep the camera bag and leads in – I’ve got my eye on this pom-pom beauty from Etsy for starters.

There’s also a gap between the daybed and the door that I think I might put something in (a low bookcase perhaps?), along with a gap next to the existing bookcase that I just cannot figure out how to fill… All suggestions welcome!

I’m trying not to fill every corner – which is very hard when you want so many things! – and leave enough space to move around and one wall blank as an outfit photo backdrop, but I think I’m just about striking the right balance for now.

What do you think of my new workspace? What else do you think I need to complete the room? Let me know!


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