A couple of weeks or so ago I did a post all about beating the winter blues, talking a bit about hygge and cosiness, which is something I’m a great advocate of! I have a lot more to say on the subject, and seeing as how spring never seems to be arriving, I thought I’d do a little bit of a follow-up post with ideas on creating hygge in your own home.

Create some cosy corners.

Hygge and cosiness go hand in hand (there is no literal translation in English, it’s the closest word we have to describe hygge), so making a few spots in your house just for snuggling up in just makes sense! This could be a book nook or just a chill-out corner of your house, somewhere you go to relax or maybe just the place you sit to do your favorite activity.

I like to snuggle up on the daybed in my office, with lots of cushions, a couple of blankets and a good book, mug of hot chocolate in hand, and spend a couple of hours hibernating there. I leave my phone on silent in another room, and it’s nice to be able to tap out for a few hours and just be calm.

Upgrade your bed.

Cushions, throws, bedding – all the things that make a bed great can also help to up the hygge-factor in the bedroom. From finding the right bed frame (ours is this IKEA beauty that I think almost everyone else in the world also has at this stage!) to choosing a restful colour palette for the bedding and accessories, your bed is the ultimate place to feel all hygge-y!

This idea can also extend to your bedside tables: choosing lamps and other accessories can play a big part in making your bedroom the epitome of cosiness. This is something I’m currently working on in our new bedroom, along with upgrading our bedding to something a little more neutral – I’ve got my eye on this white spotty set from M&S! I love using velvet and sheepskin cushions along with blankets in tonal pinks and greys – choosing fabrics and colours with a similar theme really helps to tie everything together.

Light all of the candles!

I’ve always been a fan of candles, and buying lots of lovely scented candles to dot around your space can really bring it to life on a quiet evening at home or a supper party with friends – with the added benefit that your house will also smell amazing afterwards!

Whether you go for tealights or container candles, cheap or expensive, they really do make a massive difference to creating that cosy setting.

Styled on a shelf or coffee table, or on your bedside table next to a stack of current reading materials, candles are one of the most effective items for creating hygge. My current favourites are Diptyque’s Baies Candle (obviously), this Cassis Candle by The White Company H&M’s Mahogany-Scented Tealights and these bloody amazing double wick candles from Aldi (only £3.99!) – No.3 Pomegranate is my personal fave.

If you live somewhere that means you can’t light candles – or maybe you just aren’t a fan of them – a couple of strings of fairylights can help to create a similar effect with the flick of a switch. I’m a big fan of the wire lights that have become popular recently – I’ve even got a set of these wound around the daybed in our office, and I’m still so in love with them because they make the room look so cosy! If you love the look of candles but not lighting them, you could even try some electric candles – in tealight holders you often can’t tell the difference.


Setting a cosy mood with a peaceful playlist or a favourite film never fails to make me feel the hygge. My particular favourites are La La Land, Pride and Prejudice (either the film or the Colin Firth TV series – I’m not fussy), (500) Days of Summer, Ruby Sparks and Singin’ In The Rain  – that last one is particularly apt if you’re creating a little bit of cosiness in the middle of a rainstorm.

Snuggle up in a pillowfort with a big bowl o’ popcorn and a classic movie and you’ll be feeling the hygge in no time!

When it comes to music, I’m usually reading at the same time, so I like to choose something instrumental so as not to steal my focus. I’ve even made a Hygge Spotify playlist to get you started featuring some of my favourites – some of which appear on soundtracks from my film list too. Have a listen and let me know what you think! I also love to move our record player into a cosy corner with me whilst I sip a cheeky gin – whatever works for you, music and hygge go hand in hand.

Get making.

This could be as simple as making a nice dinner for yourself, or inviting friends round to batch cook lots of different things that you can all share. I often find that cooking or baking makes me feel super hygge-y, especially if it’s something like an apple and blackberry crumble or banana bread (which you can find my recipe for here!), and I really enjoy cooking for friends and family. If cooking isn’t your thing, maybe something else crafty could be equally as cosy – I come from a family that loves sewing and knitting (something which I am disappointingly crap at), and snuggling up by a fire to knit a scarf to shield you against the winter wind sounds very hygge-y to me.

Are you a fan of cosying up during our current blizzards – or do you prefer to brave the weather and carry on as normal? Let me know in the comments!


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