Bridgerton – what more can I say? Watched it, loved it, took style notes throughout. From endless milk-toned maxi dresses, scooped necklines and bows galore to pastel hues, feathers and those gloves – and not a bonnet in sight either! – I lapped up all of the fashion on display, as well as the strong female characters.

Flouncing around in a posh frock definitely seems a long way away from the apparent months of lockdown in the wet and cold that lie ahead, but I am hoping by late spring/early summer we might have enough freedom for me to waft through the county fields, my puff sleeves billowing in the breeze (I definitely see myself as more of a Duchess of the Hastings country estate rather than a townhouse in the ‘ton’ kind of girl!).

For those as obsessed with the series as me, and who are looking to incorporate a little bit of Bridgerton-style fashion escapism into their wardrobe without looking like they’re off to a Jane Austen convention, I thought I’d put together a little list of ideas and style inspiration. Hopefully the below ideas can easily give you a slice of period styling, whilst mixing seamlessly into your existing modern wardrobe.


Because obviously I can’t talk about Bridgerton style without mentioning dresses! I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for a classic floaty white dress or a pastel beauty, so obviously I was immediately drawn to Daphne and Eloise’s entire wardrobe – and less so to the more colourful attire of the Featheringtons. There’s something about the cut of the Georgian gowns – with square necklines and high waistlines cut just under the bust so the skirt fabric skims straight down – that speaks to me.

For bringing a little bit of this style to 2021, I think channeling pastel colours and square necklines is the way to go – and it just so happens that most of those things are currently in style – who’d have thought it, eh?!


I have never needed an excuse for wearing flats over heels, so the shoes from Bridgerton are an absolute dream for me! With nothing higher than a dainty kitten heel, most of the time the female characters are in flat mary janes and the odd lace up boot, which are both perfect styles for the 21st century wardrobe.

A floaty top, a pair of high-waisted crop jeans and a pair of velvet mary janes is an outfit idea that already has me longing for mild spring days, and a classic leather or suede lace-up boot is perfect for the mini dress, tights and coats I plan on seeing me through until then on those weekly supermarket trips in covid times.


Tiny satin bags abound throughout the series – they’re just perfect for holding all those dance cards at the ball! As well as satin, I think velvet, beaded and pearl are all a great way to add a little ‘regencycore’ to any outfit.

There’s also the odd basket bag moment throughout the series too – think Daphne handing out produce baskets to the villagers vibes. Basket bags have been having a moment for a few years now, and come spring it’s definitely time to crack them out again – filled with homegrown produce too, of course!


Big silky bows, velvet ribbon, maybe even a feather or two if you’re feeling particularly brave. There are so many great hair accessories in the show, but not many that wouldn’t be a little OTT for casually wearing around the house – unless every day boujie is your style, in which case I salute you!

For a more low-key Bridgerton vibe, go for a satin hair bow or maybe a golden locket necklace holding a miniature watercolour portrait and lock of hair from your beloved… *and cue swoon*.


Puff sleeve tops, puff sleeve dresses, puff sleeve jumpers… If it’s got a puff sleeve, you can definitely pull it off as a subtle homage to pretty much any female character from the show.

I know I’ve already covered dresses, but I also think a puff sleeve blouse in a pale blue would pack some pretty strong Daphne vibes, or go sage green for Eloise – both colours which are pretty classic for spring. I know, pastels for spring? Groundbreaking. (A Devil Wears Prada/Bridgerton crossover, can you even imagine?!)

If you’re still stuck for ways to bring a little regencycore to your wardrobe, see my round-up of my top Bridgerton-inspired pieces below:


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