On the second day of giftmas…

Time to tackle the gifts I find the most tricky: for the guys. I find the men in my life are always the ones more likely to say ‘I don’t know what I want’ or ‘just get me whatever’, and it’s the most frustrating thing ever! But I do think I’m starting to get the hang of it after 6 years shopping for a fussy af boyfriend (now fiancé, as of this year!) and a lifetime shopping for a dad who never seems to need anything other than a new pair of slippers!

So, here is my trick for buying great guy gifts when they haven’t got anything specific in mind: cover all bases. Eat, drink, wear, do. To use the example of my very sweet dad: his favourite chocolate (galaxy, always), some new beer to try, the dreaded yearly slippers and some track for the model railway he’s currently constructing in the loft – job done!

If you’re buying for your boyfriend/fiancé/husband, this could also be a great time to sneak in some skincare! If they’re very resistant to the idea, start small. Maybe invest in a fancy new shaving cream for them to try – even better if you can get one as part of a gift set, so they can try a few other things at the same time. Or buy the miniature version or something you’re not sure they’ll go for – that way, if they’re still not convinced, it’s not been a massive waste of money on something that will just sit in the cupboard.

I find practical gifts can work well for guys too, sometimes even better than more luxurious gifts – although this might just be from experience with my fiancé, who thinks a fancy dressing gown is a terrible Christmas gift but would be absolutely stoked to receive a toolbox or some kind of power tool (what a weirdo!). If the lucky recipient is super into DIY, then maybe they would genuinely love a practical tool as a gift, just like Felix!

See my ideas for great guy gifts this year:

Come back tomorrow for the third gift guide for this year: stocking fillers!


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