IT’S CHRIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAS! Well, maybe not quite yet, but after the year we’ve all had the consensus seems to be that the festivities should start earlier this year, and I quite agree! As someone who’s been known to start asking people what they’d like for Christmas at the end of August, this year I’ve felt the desire to get into the Christmas spirit even earlier (if you can believe!), if only to pass all that time spent not going out and doing things because of the dreaded ‘rona.

So, what have I got in store this year? Well, after years of being ridiculously over-ambitious with my content planning and burning out within a matter of 5 festive posts, I’m officially (without speaking too sooon…) on track for this year, with posts including gift ideas (I’m spoiling y’all with eight gift guides this year!), Christmas crafts and recipes, playlists, decorating tips – THE LOT.

Something about the weirdness of 2020 seems to be making me crave the familiarity of the festive season, even if it can’t be quite the same this year. As much as I’ll miss the trips to Winter Wonderland, the pub with friends on frosty evenings and settling in at the cinema to watch the latest December film release, there’s still plenty to get me feeling Christmassy. I’m feeling grateful to have a home to decorate, a slot already booked at a local farm to choose our first full-size tree this year and my fiancé and pupper to snuggle up and watch all the festive films with. It’s really the little comforting things that mean the most right now.

I’ve decided that the aim of ally my Christmas content this year is to give you all a little bit of joy along with some inspiration. Maybe my crafting tips or recipes inspire you to make something this year, even if it’s to just have a go at something new for an hour or too. Or maybe you just use my posts to give yourself a few minutes a day away from other distractions. Perhaps you’ll just stay for a few gift recommendations before moving onto something else – whatever makes you happy, you do you.

If there’s something you’d really like to see this month (or even just in general), shoot me a message on Insta or leave me a comment below – if I can squeeze it in I absolutely will, or perhaps I can let you know if it’s already coming up.

And most importantly: welcome to this year’s blogmas, happy crimbo 2020 to one and all, and here’s to a better 2021. See you tomorrow for the first gift guide of 2020: for her!


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