Another month, another goals post. Along with my monthly favourites posts, these seem to be the only type of blog posts I have had the brain capacity to write over the last few months. Still, at least they’re something!


I know, the dreaded festive season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but with lots of content to plan/write/shoot I’ve got to get my skates on! I’ve already started mapping a lot of it out so it’s a case of making sure I leave myself enough time to get it all up and scheduled. I’m actually quite excited about it this year, and with so much time on my hands still I’m hoping such a big project should keep me feeling occupied and help me be much more productive. I’ve got gift guides, the odd think piece and decoration round-ups, along with a few recipes and crafts lined up, so keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the month…


I included this in goals last month too, but we decided to raise the beds higher (because apparently we don’t know when to stop…) and add some new raised beds in front of the greenhouse so we’ve still got a few more things to do to get the veggie patch all ready to go for next spring. I’ve also got tomatoes and chillies flowering in the greenhouse still so there’s still a few more things to harvest and tidy up there too, along with all the apples from our trees that still need turning into preserves and freezer treats for the festive season. Because apparently 6 jars of apple jelly, 7 of apple chutney, 20 sausage and apple rolls and an apple tart were not enough recipes to use them all up!


Whilst my daily morning skincare routine is now firmly in hand, evening skincare is something I just can’t seem to get into habit of. I just… can’t really be bothered most evenings! With not really wearing make-up for the last few months, I’ve found it easy to can convince myself to skip the evening cleanse as there’s ‘nothing to clean off’… I also don’t currently own night cream and am down to the last few squeezes of my once-a-week overnight mask. I’m hoping filling those holes with a few new skincare treats should entice me to start taking better care of my skin in the evenings this month.


With the sudden change in the weather that has marked the arrival of autumn this year, it seems only fitting to start thinking about ways to make the house feel a bit cosier for the cooler months. I’ve got my eye on a few loungewear bits and home treats – some new bedsocks, a dressing gown, maybe a nice new throw or two… Bring on all the hygge I say!


It’s about time we started working on the house, and once we’ve wrapped up the garden this month we’ve decided to start thinking about our plans for inside, starting with our bedroom. I’m planning a blog post on this soon so I won’t go into too much detail here, but I’m really excited to get started on it this month!

So there we go – another month closer to 2021 and lots to get through this month! What are you all up to (besides probably mostly staying indoors again, unless you’re in England and have to…) this November?


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