Honestly cannot wrap my head around how fast August sped by this year! But here we are at September, the first of the -ber months, and there’s already that nip in the air already that marks the arrival of autumn. As much as I’m starting to love spring and summer a bit more every year, I think deep down I’ll always be an autumnal/wintery gal. There’s just something about crisp mornings and darker nights that speaks to my soul, and this year I’ve really got that back-to-school excitement (for no good reason I may add, there’s nothing new going on here for a while!).

01. Begin wedding planning.

You must’ve seen this one coming! In case you missed it (*ahem*, not sure how you managed that…) we got engaged in August, and although we’re not planning on getting married until 2022, we’ve got to get a wriggle on and start planning things! I honestly didn’t realise just how far ahead you need to plan with weddings, and with the postponement of lots of ceremonies and receptions to 2021 due to coronavirus, 2022 seems to already be hotting up for venues being booked.

We already have a vague-ish plan for where and when we’d like to get married, we’ve got a rough guestlist so we know the size of venue we need, we’ve worked out a rough budget and we’ve chosen the colours (obviously this was v. important as it was actually one of the first things we decided!). So first thing we need to do is pick a date and venue, and then hopefully we can just steadily work our way through everything month by month, with minimum stress. Maybe I’m being overambitious here, I don’t think it’s possible to plan a wedding with no stress… but we’ll see!

02. Finish the veggie patch.

I mentioned this in my last post and on my Instagram stories, but I’m hoping the more I put it into writing, the more I’ll hold myself (and Felix!) accountable for finally getting this finished by the end of the month. We’ve still got paths to lay and fences to put up, but we’re getting there! I’ve also started planning what to plant for next year, so will need to start buying some seeds and getting ahead ready for next spring – so exciting!

03. Some 2021 holiday planning.

We haven’t had a holiday since the end of November (which isn’t really that crazy considering the coronavirus outbreak), which was also the only break we took last year – basically, we’re very bad at holiday planning at the best of times! So I’ve decided to take things in hand a bit more and try and map out our holidays for next year ahead of time. Again, considering the pandemic and not knowing whether things we’ll be more ‘normal’ by then, we’ll be keeping our trips UK-based for another year – which also just makes sense with saving for the aforementioned wedding to consider too!

We’ve got plenty of weddings to go to next year as well (hopefully!), so hoping we’ll be spending a fair amount of time travelling anyway, but I just really think we need some scheduled wholesome holiday time. I’ve got my eye on a place renting super cute refurbished railway carriages in Norfolk (which I’ve never been to!) for a long weekend June-time, and maybe camping in Cornwall or something for a week or two with the pooch in late summer sometime. We’ll also (virus-permitting) be heading to Austria for a wedding in April, so we should have some good trips next year!

04. Get back into yoga

I know, I said I was going to do more exercise last month and… I didn’t. In all honesty, my mental health has been very up and down this year, and I’ve just really struggled to find the motivation to exercise. I’m determined this month to harness that back-to-school-feeling I always get in September and get back on the yoga mat.

So there’s my September all mapped out. What’s on the cards for you guys this month?


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