Yay for May! There’s just something about this month that always feels like the turning point in the year for me. The weather can be glorious (and not too hot!), everything looks green and it’s usually about the time we might go on our first little weekend away of the year. Obviously this May is a bit different, and we definitely won’t be going on holiday any time soon, but the new month still makes me feel just a little brighter.

Although I started out the month feeling pretty positive, April seemed to get away from me a little bit towards the end. It was a bit of a rollercoaster month for me emotion-wise, so I really want to take a bit of a step back in May and find more of a routine. I feel like I’ve spent enough time on lie-ins, doing nothing much and endlessly scrolling, and now it’s time to be a bit more active! And on that theme, I thought I’d continue my tradition of posting a few goals for this month to keep things ticking over.

01. Start waking up at a consistent time again and following more of a morning routine. The temptation to stay in bed recently has been a lot, especially as there’s not really much to get out of bed for right now! Getting up, getting out early with the dog and trying to get in a bit of exercise first thing always makes me feel a bit better for the rest of the day, but I’ve been very lazy about it recently, so I think it’s time I started making more of my mornings.

02. Celebrate the little things. We’ve got a two birthdays in the house this month (Felix and Astrid!), and although we obviously can’t really go out and do much with them right now, I’m going to try and make the most of them whilst staying at home. Baking a few treats (including some canine-friendly ones for her furry majesty), spending time in the garden, catching up with friends and family virtually and just trying to enjoy whatever time is left in our own little bubble. I know we’re very lucky to be amongst the people who can just stay home the majority of the time right now, so I figure it’s about time to make the most of it a bit more!

03. Some garden sorting. We currently have a rented garden that was a little neglected last summer when I was away in London, so all the plants we own are all looking a bit (or a lot...) overgrown or very dead. I was very overly-ambitious last year and planted all the vegetable seeds I could lay my hands on, before I knew I wouldn’t be here to look after them and reap the rewards! This year I’m going to dial it back a bit, and just focus on tidying everything up that we already have, growing herbs, maybe a few low-maintenance veggies if I have time, and looking after the strawberry and raspberry plants we already have. Plus we’ve got some garden furniture that needs some attention (tip: always cover everything if you’re going to leave it outside over winter!) and some pots in desperate need of a good rinse. Lots to keep me busy out there for a while!

04. Move house! It’s something I’ve been hinting at for a little while, but with all the uncertainty around Covid-19 hanging ominously over everything, I wasn’t sure we’d ever actually make it to moving day. Although I’m still not 100% sure this is something that will happen before the end of this month (fingers crossed, please!), I definitely need to get stuck in to some more packing this month, to make sure we’re ready when the time actually comes. And if we manage to actually make the move this month? Well there’ll be even more to get stuck into at our new place!

And that’s May in a nutshell for me – just a few plans, but should be more than enough to keep me busy. Keep positive out there – and let me know your plans for the month in the comments below!


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