Last Wednesday, I officially attended my first blogger event: a ‘Mother’s Day Pamper Evening’ at the Lush Spa in Cardiff. Not only was I bursting at excitement that I was even considered to be invited to an event just for bloggers, but Lush is one of my all time favourite brands; so this really was a dream come true!

I can still remember visiting the Lush store in my hometown when I was a 12-year-old obsessed with glitter (the ‘Sex Bomb’ bath bomb was my purchase of choice back then!), with my long-suffering mother and older sister in tow.

You can always smell a Lush store from down the street; and that haze of floral and citrus still reminds me of those shopping trips with Momma Ellis, so it’s very nostalgic for me.

The brand reached out to me initially via my Instagram account, then the invitation arrived via email; I confirmed my attendance ASAP (I was far too excited to play it cool!) and I even got to take a friend along to enjoy the experience too. We arrived at 7.30 and were greeted with sparkly orange mocktails and the prettiest vegan cupcakes from Blanche Bakery (seriously, if you haven’t visited their bakery in Roath yet you have to go – their doughnuts are delish!), with Paramore blazing from the speakers: it was the ultimate girly evening. I took photos of everything, to the point that I came home with over 200 photos to edit from a 2 hour event… Oops.

We spent 5 minutes or so wandering around the store and smelling all the products we could lay our hands on, before one of the lovely Lush ladies came over to ask what products we were interested in hearing more about. We decided on haircare, sampling a few shampoo bars. Godiva was my personal favourite; it smells heavenly, and lasts forever – I took one of these lil babies with me for our 3 week New Zealand trip last year, and it came back almost the same size as when we left! Our hun of a host also showed us some new additions from the Spring range, which included this lil bunny bar, which was just the cutest thing ever.

After sampling as many hair products as possible on our arms (I know that sounds weird, but seriously, my arms were baby soft and smelt incredible for days afterwards!), we were taken on a tour of the newly opened Spa.

Needless to say, I’ve never seen a spa quite like this one! It’s about as far from a clinical white spa as you could possibly get: wooden panelled walls, a farmhouse style kitchen and pillows everywhere – this is a countryside beauty haven in heart of the city.

I spoke to some very lovely Lush Spa ladies, and they explained to me that the company wanted to create an experience that was the antithesis of the clinical spa experiences that have become so common in recent years. From just one look around, I felt immediately relaxed – although that may have been from the arm and head massages… The attention to detail in the spa is stunning; from the vases of fresh flowers to the rose-scented bubble machine – I know, so extra but also very cool!

After a good nosey around the spa (and an extended photoshoot with some very questionable photos that will not be making it onto the blog…), we made our way back downstairs to sample some more of Lush’s Easter and Mother’s Day themed products. One of the many things I love about Lush is their willingness to demonstrate any products you haven’t tried or are unsure about – I love being able to see what a bath bomb looks like in the water before I buy it! My favourites from the new ranges included the Golden Egg and Free Ranger bath bombs – I just love a good bath bomb!

I cannot praise Lush highly enough as a brand: from their vegetarian (mostly vegan) and ethical products, to their eco-friendly packaging – or lack of packaging in some cases. They support so many great causes; from being anti-animal testing to their fairtrade ingredients – Lush really do lead the way for ethical, sustainable beauty standards. Lush is a brand that truly seems to understand the consequences of responsible beauty, and they make it so easy to be a part of; from offering a free face mask when you return their old pots to them for recycling, to even making some products completely packaging free and self-preserving.

(Although I was invited to this event by Lush and given a few lil freebies, this is not an AD. All opinions are my own.)


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